What is SEO?

SEO – The Magic that Actually Puts Your Website Out There

In one way or another, building and maintaining a great business website resembles dating a lot. You could be the most charming man or the most beautiful lady in the world, but if you don’t “put yourself out there”, it will never happen – you will never get that fairytale relationship. Things are quite similar with your website and it does not matter if you hired the best web designer in the world to create the most beautiful, original and well-organized website if your website is not pushed into the “real world”.

That is actually what SEO and Online Reputation Management specialists out there do: they make sure websites get the attention they need. To understand better how the Internet works (and, more importantly, how SEO works), you should think of a spider and its web. When someone searches for something on the Internet, a “spider” crawls through all the websites out there in a matter of seconds and it ultimately makes a list of all the websites that are truly relevant for the search term (use a rank tracker tool to keep note of your keywords and their respective position in the search engine results).

SEO is partially consisted out of building content that makes your website relevant to your search engines. For example, if you sell tomatoes, SEO specialists will build a website that not only promotes the quality of your tomatoes, but that is also visible to the search engines as an authority in the field of tomatoes. That means that every single piece of content that will go on your site will be, in one way or another related to tomatoes, choosing tomatoes, and so on.

The other large part of the entire SEO business is link building. Same as in real life, your business’ website needs appropriate “acquaintances” to push itself up there. Link building connects your website to the Internet and it creates “relationships” with other websites that touch upon the subject your business is based on.

Link Building – How Does it actually Happen?

In theory, link building sounds like a piece of cake: you take some links from your website and post them over the Internet erratically until you build thousands and thousands of links. In reality though, things like this do not work (or at least they do not work any longer – they used to work back when search engines were “primitive” in their way of selecting the best websites).

Modern link building involves thorough research to find the best and most suitable websites to build links with. This can be a true challenge for someone who has not done this before, especially because it can be hard to determine whether or not a website is truly qualitative. 1000 links on bad websites will never even get close to the benefits of 20 links built with high quality websites and that is precisely what SEO specialists will look for.

Even more, every single link built with the other websites should be in complete concordance with their topic. That means that if you sell tomatoes, you will never be able to build a link that actually matters with the website of a business that sells earrings – they are not related in any way and search engines will know that.

In addition to external link building, internal link building can help as well. That means that the SEO specialists will connect the pieces of content posted on your website to each other and that means that there is a high chance visitors will be interested in spending more time on your site – which is always a thing search engines love.

How Can Link Building Help Your Business?

The analogy with the real-life networks should portray very well what link-building does to your website. SEO cannot happen without proper link building and your website does not actually “exist” on the Internet without proper SEO: put shortly, these are the two main reasons for which link building is absolutely crucial for your website.

What a strong Internet presence can do for your business is amazing. When you have a strong website, your exposure to new potential clients or customers grows in an amazing way. Taking the same example of tomatoes, you should know that there are probably people like you out there as well and they sell – at least roughly – the very same things you sell. Since people go to the Internet to ask for help, having your website among the first results for the search term “tomatoes for sale” will automatically mean that it will be a magnet for potential customers. And this, in its turn, will increase your sales.

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