10 Deals on Wirecutter’s Favorite Picks

10 Deals on Wirecutter’s Favorite Picks

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There’s something so satisfying about buying a great product that ends up being even better than you imagined. Here at Wirecutter, we recommend the best stuff for most people—so we know a thing or two about gizmos and gadgets that blow us away. Though each of our 4,800 official picks is special in its own way, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have our favorites.

Over the past year as part of our “52 Things We Love” series, Wirecutter staffers have written odes to their favorite picks, the things they go back to day in and day out. From luxurious towels to mighty air purifiers to super-cheap power cables to inky pens, we’re truly enamored with a lot of our picks—and we want you to adore them just as much we do. Because we know that the only thing better than buying something outstanding is nabbing that pick for a great price, we’ve secured a few special discounts that meet the Wirecutter Deals team’s standards. Nab several of these amazing picks, and you’re likely to be writing a love letter or two of your own.

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