19 Things That Make Moving Less Miserable

19 Things That Make Moving Less Miserable

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In addition to using the recommended items below, we’ve found that sticking to a basic plan works well regardless of where you’re going or what you’re moving. First, sell or donate anything that’s a hassle (or overly expensive) to transport, such as furniture or large appliances. What you keep, pack with care—it takes time to find reliable and meaningful things. Moving is expensive and exhausting, and we’ve all used whatever free or cheap supplies work great for moving replaceable things, but protection for the things that matter is worth spending some cash. And if you can afford to do so, hiring movers is almost always worth the cost: Your back (and your friends) will thank you.

If you have any additional strategies or gear you think we missed, share them with us in the comments.

Source: NY Times – Wirecutter
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