21 Black Friday Deals Under $25

21 Black Friday Deals Under $25

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Here at Wirecutter, we’re no strangers to unintentionally blasting through our holiday shopping budgets on Black Friday. But let us also urge a bit of restraint. To help you save some dough and spend wisely, we’ve scoured thousands of deals and found 21 Wirecutter picks available for $25 or less. Any item from this mix of entertainment and household essentials will improve anyone’s life immeasurably, all for less than a Jackson. Keep the change.

Our staff’s favorite cooking companion

The logo for the Paprika recipe manager app.
Photo: Paprika

Paprika Recipe Manager App
Deal price: $3; street price: $5

Just three days ago, a Wirecutter staffer slid into our Slack food-discussion channel asking for a recommendation of a recipe-managing app. Cue “several people typing at once” before 23 responses flooded in, all raving about Paprika. It lets you manage grocery lists, save and send recipes, and plan out meals a month ahead. It also syncs across all devices, and it’s packed with thoughtful little features, such as making sure your phone doesn’t dim while the app is open so you don’t have to paw at your screen with batter-covered hands. We’re frankly shocked at how much service the app packs in for less than the cost of a couple of avocados.

To boldly go …

The Star Trek original DVDs
Photo: Amazon

Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture Collection (DVD)
Deal price: $10; street price: $20

Khhhaaaaaaaaannn you believe the price on this DVD collection of all six original Star Trek movies? These films have everything! Space haircuts (but make them ’80s), literal earworms, chatty whales, Spock going through puberty, a now internet-famous punk on a bus, Kirstie Alley magically turning into Robin Curtis between films, Klingons who dig Shakespeare, Romulan ale, and the search for actual God. Relive your fandom in high definition or finally discover what the fuss is all about, all for less than the cost of a single movie ticket.

The best pie plate

A pie baked in the OXO Good Grips Glass 9″ Pie Plate, our top pick pie plate.
Photo: Sarah Kobos

OXO Good Grips Glass 9″ Pie Plate with Lid
Deal price: $10; street price: $13
Read our review of the best pie plate.

Holidays are stressful enough without pulling what looks like the perfect pie out of the oven only to discover the bottom is soggier than a cranberry bog. OXO’s clear borosilicate glass helps prevent such dessert disasters, and it’s strong enough to go from the oven to the freezer without cracking. At 2 inches deep, it’s bigger than almost any other pie plate we’ve tested, and it has a wide rim that’s excellent for perfecting your crimping skills. A plastic lid makes it easy to transport to potlucks or parties, but just make sure to get it back from your host—swiping pie pans from potlucks is the new steal-a-pie-from-a-windowsill.

Form a solo book club

A person holding a Book of the Month subscription gift.
Photo: Book of the Month

Book of the Month Subscription Box
Deal price: $5; street price: $15
Read our review of the best last-minute gifts for the holidays.

Reading is one of the great pleasures in life, but there’s nothing worse than getting stuck with a dud when it’s someone else’s turn to choose your book club’s title. Consider going solo! This subscription box is all about choices—you get five options in different genres to select from, so you’re guaranteed to find a story you’ll lose yourself in (something everybody desperately needs right now). You can get your first book for $5 with the code READUP before the monthly subscription reverts to $15, which is still less than most new hardback releases cost. The best thing about a solo book club? You can skip a month whenever you want if you fall behind, so you’ll never again have to skim a Wikipedia page at the last second and pretend you know what you’re talking about.

Plan a post-COVID adventure

National Park Passport.
Photo: America’s National Parks

Passport To Your National Parks Classic Edition
Deal price: $11; street price: $14
Read our review of the best gifts for 9-year-olds.

Although we don’t recommend traveling at the moment, consider this passport to America’s national parks something your kid can look forward to once everyone gets the all-clear to crisscross the country again. Kids under 15 get into parks free, and this sweet addition to the experience not only gets them psyched about a trip but also adds to what they’ll learn along the way since it’s stuffed with regional maps and need-to-know info about almost every one of America’s 400-plus national parks. It also lets kids collect stamps from each one, just like on a real passport, which may spark a lifelong hobby or at the very least give your kid proof they’ve been to Yellowstone in case a bully accuses them of lying.

Relief for stuffy noses

Neti pot
Photo: Michael Hession

Aromatic Salt Premium Ceramic Neti Pot
Deal price: $13; street price: $15
Read our review of the best FSA-eligible products Wirecutter loves.

Winter is coming. And the only thing worse than an outdated pop culture reference are the seasonal colds, sinus infections, and painful dryness that accompany chillier months. A neti pot can keep your nasal passages properly irrigated to relieve any or all of those symptoms, while the feeling of water all up inside your face helps get you pumped for future seaside vacations in a post–COVID-19 world. Best of all: Sinus flushers like these are FSA-eligible, so this one is basically a freebie.

Stay dry

Repel Easy Touch Umbrella
Photo: Michael Hession

Repel Umbrella (Multicolor)
Deal price: $18; street price: $23
Read our review of the best gear for travel.

Unexpected-rain fantasy: Dashing through a meadow and laughing as warm droplets caress your face. Unexpected-rain reality: Your clothes suddenly weigh seven times as much, and it feels like hundreds of freezing needles are jabbing at your face. This is why a compact umbrella is always good to have on hand. With this umbrella, which comes in a variety of colors, the 37-inch-diameter canopy keeps your torso dry and the lengthy textured handle offers a solid grip. It also holds up well in high winds, so you won’t end up like that one poor soul in the background of every live weather report struggling with an inside-out umbrella. This price is pretty slick, and it comes with a lifetime refund or replacement guarantee.

Light up your life

The Black Diamond Moji Lantern resting on a table.
Photo: Rozette Rago

Black Diamond Moji Lantern
Deal price: $15; street price: $20
Read our review of the best outdoor and backyard lighting we love.

Even if you don’t think you need a lantern, you need a lantern. They’re not just for campers. You’ll find yourself constantly surprised by how much you use it—a lantern is equally handy in extreme scenarios like blackouts and roadside emergencies and for mundane tasks like searching the back of a packed closet because you just know you put that thing you need in there somewhere. We love the ease and portability of our also-great pocket-size pick. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it casts a strong, cool-white 100-lumen glow. The durable rubber base comes in several colors, and the fold-up handles mean you can hang it outdoors to create an instant evening hangout.

Sleep clean

Photo: Michael Hession

Protect-A-Bed AllerZip Smooth Pillow Protectors (2-pack, Queen)
Deal price: $17; street price: $28
Read our review of the best mattress and pillow protectors and encasements.

The amount of dust mites, dead skin cells, drool, and eye goo that ends up inside your pillows is an actual nightmare. Keep the place you rest your head clean with our pick for the best pillow encasements, which we selected after testing 17 brands. These soft, waterproof slipovers won’t make you feel like you’re resting on a raincoat, and their strong seams and secure zipper extend the life of your pillows by years, saving you megabucks. Sweet dreams are made of these, bedbugs inclined to disagree.

The Cadillac of Pencils

Two Palomino Blackwing 602 pencils.
Photo: Rozette Rago

Palomino Blackwing 602 Pencils (Set of 12)
Deal price: $23; street price: $28
Read our review of the best pencils for writing and schoolwork.

With a list of devotees that ranges from Mythbuster’s Adam Savage to Looney Tunes creator Chuck Jones, the Blackwing pencil has, it’s safe to say, sketched into existence more than a few great ideas. Of all the graphite pencils we tested for our recent guide, Blackwing’s Palomino 602 was unsurpassed in quality. Its incense-cedar barrel and buttery-soft exterior elevates the writing experience from that of your typical standardized-test tool, and the Palomino’s replaceable eraser means you’re never left grasping a mere unitasker.

More deals we love under $19:

Glossier Balm Dotcom
Deal price: $9; street price: $12
Read our review of the best lip balm.

Whether you’re in need of something to help hydrate your lips on a cold winter day, or you just want a pick-me-up of rose-scented goodness, Glossier’s Balm Dotcom will be a welcome addition to your purse or desk drawer. An ultra-hydrating staple that delivered minimal shine without mess, Balm Dotcom was, we found, a crowd-pleasing lip-balm option. It’s available in eight standard scents ranging from classic (mint, rose, and unscented) to tropical (mango, coconut, and fig).

Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag (Yellow)
Deal price: $6; street price: $7
Read our review of the best luggage tags.

If you plan to travel a lot in the future and want a hard-wearing tag with easy-to-spot vivid colors that also keeps contact information—except for your name—under wraps, this is an extremely rare deal on the Ovener Silicone Luggage Tag in yellow. Although this isn’t a huge discount, this tag almost never sees price drops. And this rugged silicone tag with a metal cable (which comes two to a pack) is so sturdy, it may well outlive your luggage.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech Packing Cube Set (2-Piece)
Deal price: $21; street price: $40
Read our review of the best packing cubes.

These packing cubes come in sizes suitable for any luggage needs, while their construction makes them an ideal choice for load-conscious backpackers. Made from rip-stop nylon that adds the extra protection of tear- and water-resistance, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specters weigh half as much as our main pick for packing cubes, while being seriously durable. At almost half-off, this is a great chance to snag an upgrade pick at a budget-friendly price.

J.Crew Broken-In Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
Deal price: $17; street price: $35

A pick from our upcoming guide to white T-shirts, the J.Crew Broken-In Short-Sleeve T-Shirt is down to $17 with code EARLY plus free shipping with a free J.Crew Rewards account or curbside pickup. This is the first deal we’ve seen on this upcoming pick, so if you’re looking for a classic white tee (and honestly, who isn’t?), this is a great opportunity to save.

Gap Kids Unisex Face Mask
Deal price: $7; street price: $15
Read our review of the best cloth face masks for kids.

If you’re looking for a more reusable alternative to disposable masks, our top pick for the best cloth face mask for kids is available for $7 with in-store pickup. This soft, breathable three-layer mask fits kids in a range of ages. Made from woven cotton, it has a nose-bridge wire and longer ear loops, which help the mask sit securely on older children.

Anker PowerWave Pad 10W Max Qi Charger
Deal price: $9; street price: $12
Read our review of the best Qi wireless charger for iPhone and Android phones.

The Anker PowerWave 10W Max is virtually identical to our former budget pick for the best Qi wireless charger (the PowerWave Pad), the minor difference being that it has faster, 7.5 W charging capabilities for the iPhone 8 and newer models. Right now, it’s available for $9—a price that makes it less expensive than the slower-charging budget pick in our guide. You’ll need to provide your own QC 3.0 wall adapter in order to optimize the charge speed of the 10W Max, but this is a great deal if you already have an adapter.

Simple Modern Wave Water Bottle (17 ounces)
Deal price: $11; street price: $15
Read our review of the best water bottles.

If you’re shopping for a stylish new water bottle, this is a solid chance to save on our tapered water bottle pick. The Simple Modern 17-ounce Wave water bottle is available for $11—just a couple of dollars more than the best price we’ve ever seen—in mint, ombre sweet taffy, Carrara marble, freedom, moonlight, opal tide, aurora, and kunzite. (How about those creative color names?) If you prefer the 25-ounce size, multiple colors are down to $12, and there are a few colors of the 34-ounce size on sale for $13.

Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth Tracker
Deal price: $18; street price: $25
Read our review of the best Bluetooth tracker.

Our top Bluetooth tracker pick is down to $18 right now. Although that isn’t the best price we’ve seen on the Tile Mate (2020), it’s still worth considering if you’re tired of losing your keys. In the latest iteration of the Tile, the Bluetooth range is expanded to 200 feet, and similar to the 2019 version, this model contains a rechargeable battery with a longer lifespan.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch HS200
Deal price: $14; street price: $17
Read our review of the best in-wall smart light switch and dimmer.

If you’re interested in trying out a cheap Wi-Fi switch but don’t want to commit to a multi-pack, the HS200 is once again down to the lowest price we’ve seen for a single switch. Our former budget pick for in-wall smart light switches, it’s now a recommended alternative to our top pick if you need to simulate occupancy via an Away Mode. The HS200 doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the competition (such as dimming), but it still offers reliable performance, voice-control perks, and smart-home integration. And the price makes it a standout for anyone on a budget.

Loop Earplugs
Deal price: $18; street price: $30
Read our review of the best earplugs for concerts.

The lowest price we’ve seen (with a clipped on-page coupon), this is a great discount on our top pick for the best earplugs for concerts. Concert-going may not be prevalent right now, but when large gatherings inevitably return, a good pair of comfortable earplugs will be essential for protecting your hearing. The Loop Earplugs provide the best noise protection outside of a custom-fit pair, and at this price, they’re definitely worth adding to your bag of concert gear.

Koss FitClips KSC32i Headphones
Deal price: $10; street price: $20
Read our review of the best workout headphones.

Want a pair of cheap wired earbuds to stash in your gym bag? Go for the extremely affordable Koss FitClips. The hook-over-the-ear design of these workout headphones is flexible and comfortable, the sound is much better than the low price implies, and this pair has a universal single-button remote and mic.

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