Australia border restrictions: here are the new state and territory Covid rules for NSW travellers | Sydney

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As the coronavirus cluster on Sydney’s northern beaches grows, other states and territories have introduced a range of border closures and restrictions.

Here are the current border restrictions as of Sunday 20 December.


The northern beaches local government area has been declared a hotspot by Queensland health.

Anyone who was in the northern beaches region on or since Friday 11 December and who arrives in Queensland after 1am Saturday 19 December must go into hotel quarantine, at their own expense, for 14 days.

The 14-day period is calculated from the date the person left the northern beaches.

People who were already on their way to Queensland and arrive before 1am on 19 December must still quarantine but can do so in their home or accommodation.

These rules apply to visitors and returning Queensland residents.

Anyone who is already in Queensland and was in the northern beaches since Friday 11 December should get tested and quarantine in their home or accommodation for 14 days from the date they left the region.


Victoria has effectively barred travel into the state from greater Sydney, and introduce a permit system for entry from the rest of NSW.

Anybody who arrived in Victoria after midnight Friday 18 December, who has been in greater Sydney or the Central Coast since 11 December, will have to go into hotel quarantine for 14 days.

The state announced a “traffic light” system on Friday, of three different zones.

People who have been in greater Sydney (including the northern beaches) and the Central Coast are considered to be in the “red zone”, and cannot enter without going into mandatory hotel quarantine, although Victorian residents who are returning home by midnight Monday 21 December can go into quarantine at home.

People from the border regions can enter Victoria by showing their driver’s licence.

Western Australia

Western Australia has reinstated its hard border with NSW. The only people from NSW able to fly into WA after midnight on Saturday 19 December are those with special exemptions.

On Friday 18 December, authorities said anyone already in WA from NSW since 11 December must get tested by Saturday and self-isolate until they received a negative result.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has declared the northern beaches local government area a Covid-19 hotspot.

Anyone hoping to enter the NT who has been in that area has been advised to cancel their travel arrangements.

Anyone who has been in the northern beaches in the 14 days before they arrive must enter supervised quarantine, in either Alice Springs or Darwin, and pay $2,500 per person.

That includes returning NT residents.


Premier Peter Gutwein announced on Saturday his health officials had raised greater Sydney to “medium risk” level.

All travellers to Tasmania from Sydney – not just from the northern beaches – will be required to quarantine for two weeks.


The ACT currently has no border restrictions in place but says any residents who have been in the northern beaches area from Friday 11 December 2020 need to immediately self-isolate and get tested. The government advises Canberrans not to travel to the northern beaches area of Sydney at this time.

South Australia

Anyone who has been in the northern beaches area since 11 December has to go into quarantine for 14 days if they enter SA.

And entry is barred to anybody who was been to the Avalon RSL or the Avalon Bowlo since 11 December.

Anyone already in SA who was at either venue must also immediately go into hotel quarantine in the state.

SA will reintroduce its travel application process for any interstate arrivals, not just NSW.

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