Board Games We Love for Kids

Board Games We Love for Kids

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While the classic kids games will always have a place in our hearts and homes, for this guide we’ve focused on more-recently published games. We also didn’t set out to list all of the best kids games, because there are too many excellent ones. Instead, we’re highlighting games that introduce kids (and grown-ups) to new genres; build skills; and offer provocative and age-appropriate challenges, engaging themes, and unique designs. (You can read more about our criteria in How we picked and tested.)

This guide focuses on games for preschool and elementary-aged kids, and some that are fun for grown-ups and kids to play together. We have even more kid-appropriate board game recommendations in our gift guides for kids ages 1 through 10, and for teens and tweens. We also have a guide for our favorite beginner board games for adults, and a list of our favorite advanced board games, and even a list of our favorite Halloween-themed board games.

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