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Their greatest concern was Melburnians leaving what is supposed to be a hard lockdown and stage 4, and arriving on the doorstep of COVID-free regional communities in my home state of Victoria.

That’s the reality. They’re being waved through on major arterials on a booze bust type of operation, which doesn’t give us the confidence that Daniel Andrews can protect us from Covid and has a flow-on effect to state premiers about his competency to actually deal with the pandemic.

But getting to the issues on the ground, we’ve been flooded for six weeks with concerns from local residents, and you’ve seen that similarly occurring now on the South Australian-Victoria border and in northern New South Wales.

You know, there’s welcomed changes out of National Cabinet that Premiers are going to start to have a criteria around defining what a hotspot is. But we’ve got days, not weeks, to solve this in many cases.

Source: The Guardian

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