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Welcome to the last sitting day until 5 October. The MPs will leave here and return home – some to quarantine but all to constituent work as the pandemic continues to impact daily lives.More and more MPs are being approached for help – getting loved ones home (there are now 23,000 Australians stranded overseas), dealing with the growing despair of people on temporary visas – who have all but been left to fend for themselves, as well as now the recession.

So it’s not a break – it’s just a break from parliament.

All eyes will be on Victoria again today, as the official wait for numbers ticks by.

The hotel quarantine inquiry continues with security bosses being questioned.

But the big news is when will people be allowed some more freedoms?

The Herald Sun has what it says is the government’s draft roadmap for lifting restrictions in Melbourne.

According to the document Herald Sun national political editor Tom Minear obtained, the first changes from September 13 to the Stage 4 lockdown would be small –

  • Two people or a household can meet outdoors for social interaction
  • Single person or single parent households can have one nominated person visit their home (with dependants under 18 also allowed). The nominated person does not need to be from a single-person household
  • Exercise and social interaction allowed for up to two hours per day. This can be split into up to two sessions.
  • Libraries open for contactless collection and delivery

With more changes coming from September 27

  • 8pm-5am curfew lifted
  • Up to five people, including children, from a maximum of two households can meet outdoors for social interaction
  • Phased return of primary and secondary students to school
  • Permit no longer required for childcare and in-home child minding also allowed
  • Outdoor personal training allowed with up to two people per trainer
  • Outdoor pools open for exercise — up to 20 per pool, up to two people per group although subject to density quotients

Minear reports the government wants to see less than five cases a day for two weeks, with no more than three mystery cases for stage two to kick in – but all of that is subject to change. Just like everything else in this pandemic.

Daniel Andrews will address that today at his press conference, which I think is his 63rd in a row.

Meanwhile, Josh Frydenberg and Scott Morrison are trying to navigate a 7% contraction in the economy. In terms of what that actually means, Australia had about four years of growth just completely wiped away. It’s like Thanos came along and snapped his fingers and took the economy back to 2016.

But the way out is going to be long and arduous and you are going to be asked many, many, many times who you trust the economy with.

Oh – and there is still the border wars as well.

We’ll bring you all the days events as they happen. You have Amy Remeikis with you for the day.


Source: The Guardian

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