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More than 2 million Scots will face near-lockdown restrictions for three weeks after Nicola Sturgeon imposed the country’s highest level of Covid restrictions across the west of Scotland.

Following a cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning, Scotland’s first minister told MSPs that 11 local authority areas would enter level 4 – the highest of Scotland’s five-tier system of virus controls – from 6pm this Friday for a limited period.

The local authorities are West Dunbartonshire, East Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, Glasgow City, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, West Lothian, East Ayrshire, South Ayrshire and Stirling.

Level 0

Coming into force on 2 November: Light controls on socialising with time limits possible on licensed premises; a maximum of eight people from three households meeting indoors, and 15 people from five households outdoors. Indoor worship, weddings and funerals capped at 50 people; car-sharing should be avoided and face coverings compulsory on public transport.

Level 1

As above but only six people from two households can meet indoors or outdoors; numbers at weddings and funerals capped at 20 and no indoor contact sports for over-18s; working in offices restricted to essential only.

Level 2

As above, but no indoor socialising and only six people from two households outdoors; enhanced protective measures for schools; outdoor events banned, stadiums closed to spectators but drive-in events and cinemas allowed; no sale of alcohol indoors, except served with meals; soft play, snooker halls, nightclubs and casinos closed.

Level 3

No indoor socialising; six people from two households allowed to meet outdoors; no non-essential travel; no indoor or outdoor alcohol sales; hotels, B&Bs and camp sites restricted to locals or essential workers only; all stadiums and events shut; colleges and universities would have greater restrictions on mixing; amateur outdoor contact sports banned; all leisure venues closed; essential public services only.

Level 4

As in level 3 but hotels and B&Bs closed except for essential workers; may enforce “stay at home” rules or limit travel distances; only essential journeys on public transport; all non-essential shops are closed; hairdressers, beauticians and driving lessons banned; worship capped at 20 people; only five people allowed at weddings; gyms closed; all leisure venues, pubs, restaurants, visitor attractions and cinemas closed; only essential indoor workplaces, outdoor building and manufacturing allowed.

Severin Carrell, Scotland editor

Those living under level 4 restrictions are advised to keep all journeys to an absolute minimum.

Sturgeon said the police would enforce the new law banning travel to and from level 3 and 4 areas as “a last resort” and “only where there is clear and flagrant breach”, but emphasised the importance of people not making journeys from high to low prevalence areas.

She said: “Passing these regulations sends a very clear and strong message to people about the importance of us complying with these rules.”

Sturgeon said level 4 was intended to be “short and sharp”, promising that the restrictions would be lifted on 11 December, and adding that “it is specifically intended to have an impact in advance of Christmas and the most challenging winter period”.

Level 4 restrictions most closely resemble the lockdown imposed in March, although two households are still allowed to meet outdoors up to a maximum of six people and there is no limit on outdoor exercise.

All non-essential shops will close, along with pubs, restaurants and cafes, as well as gyms and leisure centres, hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and indoor visitor attractions.

Schools and nurseries will remain open.

UK coronavirus cases

Sturgeon told the chamber that, although infection rates had stabilised or slightly fallen as a result of level 3 measures in the west of Scotland, the infection rate “remains stubbornly and worryingly high”.

“At these levels, we simply do not have the assurance we need that hospital and ICU services will be able to cope as we go deeper into winter,” she said.

“And further at these levels we would not have the flexibility we need to ease restrictions over Christmas – which, in common with the other UK nations, we so desperately want to do.”

Sturgeon told MSPs that this week it was likely that Scotland’s total coronavirus death toll would exceed 5,000, which she described as “a sombre and deeply distressing milestone”.

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