Deals Under $50 To Help You Persevere Through The Pandemic

Deals Under $50 To Help You Persevere Through The Pandemic

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This has been an extraordinary—and extraordinarily challenging—year. And as a new wave of coronavirus cases rages across the country, millions of Americans are resigning themselves to the reality of hunkering down at home … again. But a homebound winter doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. Here are 19 great deals on things to make persevering through this pandemic just a little bit better.

Your personal sound bubble

The Koss Porta Pro Headphones.
Photo: Amazon

Koss Porta Pro Headphones
Deal price: $20; street price: $35
Read our review of the best headphones.

Headphones are essential while working from home. Even if you live alone and don’t need to block out the chewing sounds/chatter/screams of your partner/roommates/kids, this former pick helps create a safe, calming space to work or lets you blast music while working out without annoying your neighbors. The on-ear set has killer bass, won’t put pressure on your temples, and comes with a carrying case so you always know where to find them. (If you remember to put them back, that is.) And at only $20, right now they’re 60% off what we normally see them go for.

A crafty distraction for kids

Kiwi Crate
Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

Kiwi Crate Craft Subscription Box
Deal price: $10; street price: $20
Read our review of the best kids craft subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes aren’t just a desperately needed distraction for kids at home climbing the walls. They’re also a truly lovely way to stay connected to grandkids, nieces, nephews, and any other little ones in your life who live far away. We tested 17 different options and found the Kiwi Crate to be the best for 5- to 8-year-olds. The monthly surprise packages are well thought out, going far beyond just arts and crafts, with cool projects also centered on science and engineering. Screen time may have lost much of its cultural stigma during this pandemic, but nothing beats hands-on playtime. Though not quite an all-time low, $10 per box with the code MERRY is an exceptional price that beats most other discounts we’ve seen.

Hold them close

A person wearing a baby in a blue moby wrap.
Photo: Michelle McSwain

Moby Baby Sling
Deal price: $35; street price: $50
Read our review of the best baby wraps and slings.

Our experts walked over 100 miles (not all at once) to find the best, most comfortable baby wraps. The Moby is our already less-expensive runner-up pick, but at 30% off its street price almost anyone can swing this sling. We love that it’s got a higher weight limit, which means you’ll likely get more use out of it and it can easily be shared between a wide range of body types. Plus, in these pandemic times, holding a child this close can often soothe you as much as it does the baby.

Escape to a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars Squadrons video game cover.
Photo: Best Buy

Star Wars: Squadrons
Deal price: $20; street price: $40
Read our review of the best game consoles.

Star Wars: Squadrons fulfills fan fantasies of sitting in the pilot seats of some of the Star Wars saga’s most iconic rebel alliance and imperial ships, blasting you into the heart of epic space battles from a first person POV. Trick out your rides by unlocking new weapons, hulls, engines, and more, and build your own squadron with 5v5 multiplayer fights. Or you can always fly, um, solo. Escape the world with this Xbox game for only $20.

A versatile food storage option

A selection of reusable food storage containers.
Photo: Sarah Kobos

Stasher Reusable Silicone Bag Multi-Pack
Deal price: $45; street price: $60
Read our review of the best reusable produce bags, beeswax wraps, and other ways to reduce plastic waste.

These Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags are more durable and easier to clean than any other reusable bags we’ve tested. Since they’re made of silicone, you can take them directly from freezer to microwave (we’ve even made sous-vide carrots in them!), and they come in a range of sizes—pocket, 56 ounces, and half gallon. They lie flat in a drawer when not in use, and best of all, you can finally recycle all of those stained takeout food containers you’ve been using for leftovers. The $45 deal on this 5-pack is a good discount on the usual street price of $60. There’s free shipping on orders over $40, plus 20% sitewide sale. These items only occasionally go on sale, so now is a good time to pick up an extra set in a variety of colors.

Great sound on the go

UE Wonderboom 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Photo: Rozette Rago

UE Wonderboom 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Deal price: $50; street price: $80
Read our review of the best portable Bluetooth speaker.

About the size of an apple, our top pick for the best portable Bluetooth speaker has a crisp, clear sound with shockingly good bass for its size. It beat out 20 new models in our guide’s 2020 update, and that’s after putting it through hardcore durability tests like dropping it from five feet onto hardwood and concrete. It even floats so you won’t ruin it (or, um, die) in case you accidentally knock it into the bathtub.

Find joy in art

Pentel brush pen
Photo: Michael Hession

Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen
Deal price: $11; street price: $15
Read our review of the best things to get started drawing.

Pandemic hobby idea #39: learn to draw! We love this pen’s ability to create deep, painterly strokes in rich black ink. It’s not great with fine lines, but that’s no worry. Michael Hession, Wirecutter’s head of photo and video, specifically reaches for this pen when he finds himself getting too fussy with a project and bogged down with minutia. Let your freak fingers fly and go for the bold. Down to $11, this is the best price we’ve seen within the past year.

A calming influence

A close up of a person holding a phone with the Calm meditation app open on the screen.
Photo: Michael Hession

Calm Meditation App (12-Month Premium Subscription)
Deal price: $35; street price: $70
Read our review of the best meditation apps.

You’ve already mastered many of the basics of meditation. Now what? Fine, that question defeats the whole purpose of focusing one’s mind, but we love the Calm Mediation App for its less structured classes and more individual exercises, perfect for people looking to expand the ways they center themselves. It also has a larger selection of ambient music than our main pick for the best meditation app, and buying it for 50% off the street price will have you feeling relaxed from the get-go.

First-rate cold brew at home

The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker shown making coffee.
Photo: Michael Murtaugh

OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Deal price: $40; street price: $50
Read our review of the best cold-brew coffee maker.

Yes, yes—it’s getting cold out, and many people insist that cold brew is a definitionally summery beverage. But cold brew coffee can be delightful and refreshing when the heat’s roaring through your home in the winter, too. The OXO Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a smaller version of our top pick (also from OXO), and it’s just as easy to use. With its sharp design, ability to make great coffee, and best-we’ve-seen price of $24, what’s not to love?

More deals we love:

Eufy RoboVac 11S Robot Vacuum
Deal price: $150; street price: $220
Read our review of the best robot vacuums.

When you’re spending tons of time at home, it’s typically more pleasant when your floors are clean. Enter the robot vacuum. Excellent in small spaces and performing great on bare floors and short-pile rugs, our budget pick for the best robot vacuum is once again down to an all-time low as an Amazon Deal of the Day. With a slim profile that allows it to fit under more furniture than any other model we tested, it can get to those hard to reach spaces that other options can’t. While silent and effective, do note that it’s not as durable as a Roomba—if it needs repair, many of the parts are not replaceable.

TP-Link Archer C7 Wi-Fi Router
Deal price: $50; street price: $63
Read our review of the best Wi-Fi router.

Your home Wi-Fi network has probably never felt more crucial. Back down to $50, the TP-Link Archer C7 has the same features as our budget Wi-Fi router pick, the Archer A7—its name is just slightly different to reflect the seller. If you need a router for a smaller space or just a few devices, this is a great opportunity to save.

Instant Pot Duo Nova 10-Quart Pressure Cooker
Deal price: $90; street price: $150
Read our review of the best electric pressure cooker.

Electric pressure cookers are great kitchen appliances that make it easy and quick to put large amounts of food on the table, and the Instant Pot is still our favorite. Our first listing for this size, the Instant Pot Duo Nova 10-Quart is a super large variation of our top pick that offers a more streamlined interface, a larger LCD screen, and a lid that seals automatically when closed. If you’re interested in a slightly smaller variant, for just a bit less, the 8-Quart option is available for $70.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier
Deal price: $150; street price: $190
Read our review of the best air purifier.

If you’re interested in better air quality in your home (and who isn’t these days?), you might want to grab this air purifier while it’s on sale. The Coway AP-1512HH Mighty is the top pick in our guide to the best air purifier. Though this is far from the best deal price we’ve seen, it’s still a noteworthy drop because the street price has increased since 2019. Both colors are currently available for the sale price.

Catan Board Game
Deal price: $25; street price: $40
Read our review of the best beginner board games for adults.

Down to $25 from a street price of $40, this is a solid deal on the next-level strategy board game pick from our guide to the best beginner board games for adults. Catan is a civilization-building game in which players collect resources to create settlements, cities, and roads to earn points. It’s strategic, interactive, and can be enjoyed with 3-4 players, with the average game lasting about an hour. Trust us—it will help make time fly during the pandemic.

Roku Streaming Stick+ Media Streamer
Deal price: $30; street price: $45
Read our review of the best media streaming devices.

With a new streaming service popping up seemingly every other day (looking at you, Peacock and HBO Max), investing in a media streaming device is a surefire bet, particularly during a homebound winter. Down to $30 from $45, this deal is just a dollar more than the previous lowest price we’ve noted. It’s also the best price we’ve seen in almost a year.

HotHands Hand Warmers (40 Pairs)
Deal price: $20; street price: $23
Read our review of the best hand warmer.

Our disposable hand warmer pick, the HotHands Hand Warmers (40 Pairs), is back down to $20. This is only the second deal we’ve seen for this pick, so now is a great time to stock up for the winter months if you’re looking for some cheap, lightweight hand warmers for outdoor work, an emergency kit, or the occasional venture outside to have a snowball fight.

Poler Napsack
Deal price: $98; street price: $130
Read our review of the best wearable sleeping bags.

The cozy and soft Poler Napsack is a must-have if you plan to spend time outdoors this winter. We particularly like this option from our guide to wearable sleeping bags because the Poler Napsack can be ordered by height, meaning it’ll both fit better and keep you warmer than some other options we tested. Use code HOLIDAYVIBES to knock the price down from $130 to $98.

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Back Cushion + Seat Cushion
Deal price: $39; street price: $49
Read our review of the best lumbar-support pillow.

It’s worth it to be comfortable when working from home. Firm, thick and supportive, this bundle includes our top pick for the best lumbar support pillow in addition to an added seat cushion. Offering the best balance of comfort, ease of use, and back support, this quality option stood out from the competition. In addition, the cushion comes with a removable machine washable cover and a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk (60×30)
Deal price: $603; street price: $710
Read our review of the best standing desks.

Our runner-up pick for the best standing desk is down to $603 when you select our recommended build with the extended-range frame and the 60×30 size. Offering a long warranty, great customer service, and a wide range of customization options, we still love this former top pick, but dropped it into the runner-up slot due to its higher price. Generally around $700 when not on sale, we’ve seen an increase in street price since we last posted, but this is a nice deal if you’re in the market for a great standing desk. It’s possible that we’ll see better deals closer to the holidays but Fully rarely has sitewide sales like this one.

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