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2.23pm BST

What looks like a coronavirus vaccine setback here, for at least one company, anyway. Reuters report that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put a hold on Inovio’s plans to start final trials of its coronavirus vaccine. The agency seeks more information, including details on a delivery device used to inject genetic material into cells.

Inovio’s shares fell 33% before the opening bell this morning. The company was expecting to start the trial this month. The company said on the FDA’s “partial clinical hold” was not due to any side effects in its early-stage study of the vaccine.

2.04pm BST

The editorial board at Washington Post have this morning published their endorsement of Joe Biden for president. The piece opens “In order to expel the worst president of modern times, many voters might be willing to vote for almost anybody. Fortunately, to oust president Trump in 2020, voters do not have to lower their standards.”

They go on to write:

In contrast to Trump’s narcissism, Biden is deeply empathetic; you can’t imagine him dismissing wounded or fallen soldiers as “losers.” To Trump’s cynicism, Biden brings faith — religious faith, yes, but also faith in American values and potential.

In place of Trump’s belittling and demonizing of opponents and allies alike, Biden offers a deep commitment to finding common ground in service to making government work for the greatest number. He has demonstrated that commitment in reaching across the aisle to Republicans, and also — most recently — in bringing unity to the Democratic Party without compromising his own fundamental convictions.

If he takes the oath in the midst of the pandemic’s second wave, as is quite possible, with the economy in a tailspin, we can be confident Biden will rise to the occasion. Why? Because when President Barack Obama and he took office in 2009, the nation was in a similarly frightening tailspin. Mr. Obama trusted his vice president to work with Congress to deliver a bipartisan recovery package and then to help administer it.

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Source: The Guardian
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