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Donald Trump Jr has quietly shifted the apostrophe in his forthcoming book’s title after being widely mocked for making a grammatical error.

Trump Jr’s Liberal Privilege, due out on 25 August, was initially subtitled “Joe Biden and the Democrat’s Defense of the Indefensible”. But after it was pointed out that this would generally refer to only one Democrat, and prompting some speculation that this is what he meant to do, the US president’s son has reissued images of his book cover with the new subtitle “the Democrats’ Defense of the Indefensible”.

However, Trump Jr’s grasp of apostrophes still appears uncertain: announcing that the book was now available for pre-order, he wrote on Twitter, “Sleepy Joe wont [sic] like this one. But lets [sic] be honest he probably doesn’t keep up with current events.”

Trump Jr, whose account was limited by Twitter on Tuesday for sharing false claims about the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment, is self-publishing the book. He told US media that “while I was offered a generous book deal by my previous publishers, I turned it down and decided to self-publish”.

His previous book, Triggered, controversially reached No 1 on the New York Times bestseller lists following a bulk purchase from the Republican National Committee. The RNC is also buying copies of Liberal Privilege, according to Politico, and offering the book to donors who contribute at least $75.

“The RNC was able to raise almost a million dollars from their fundraising campaign with my first book, Triggered,” said Trump Jr. “I look forward to helping them fundraise once again for the benefit of the Republican party.”

Trump Jr’s website promises the book will reveal “the facts the media refuses to cover”, including “countless liberal scandals, years of entrenched racism in the democrat party and decades of failed polices”.

It is assumed that “polices” actually refers to “policies”, rather than being an unusual plural for police.

Source: The Guardian

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