Gear for Foul-Weather Bike Commuting

Gear for Foul-Weather Bike Commuting

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Most of our picks below are specific to a few weather scenarios, namely rain, snow, and bitter cold. But we also note the core items that we think you should consider bringing along for a regular commute ride, regardless of whether or not it’s gross outside:

  • a helmet
  • bike lights, especially in winter, when it gets darker earlier and dark-gray skies and precipitation make it hard for you to see
  • a full bike patch and flat kit, including a spare tube, tire levers, a hand pump, a patch kit, and a multi-tool
  • a packable towel or a pack of wipes, in case you arrive at your destination sweaty or mud-splattered
  • layered clothing, including breathable base layers, rather than bulky sweaters or coats
  • a spare city-transit card, or enough change to catch the bus or train, just in case

And don’t forget to keep your bike’s drivetrain clean and lubed properly; this is important year-round, but especially so when the road is covered in rain, salt, sand, and grit.

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