How to Groom Your Dog or Cat at Home

How to Groom Your Dog or Cat at Home

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To help you build the perfect at-home grooming kit for your cat or dog, I spoke with Erin Askeland, a Denver-based pet professional at dog-care service center Camp Bow Wow; groomer Alyssa Hill of Best Friends Animal Society; pet stylist Kesha Horton of Keesh-Hound Groom Room in Westchester, Illinois; and Melissa Mitchner, founder and CEO of The Bark Shoppe in New York City.

There are a couple of grooming projects that are best left to the professionals, though: You won’t find any tips here on how to give your pooch a teddy-bear trim or the right way to express your pet’s anal glands. “You can significantly injure your pet if you do any of those things improperly,” Hill said. An inexperienced pet owner could give their pet a patchy haircut (which is an expensive future fix) or, worse, nick their pet’s skin. And you could rupture one of your pet’s anal glands, a traumatic experience for both you and your pet (luckily many vets are still open, and they are able to express an anal gland if it needs tending to).

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