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How to See the Best of San Francisco on $100

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In creating this itinerary, I’ve assumed that you’re booking transit and hotels to your own level of comfort (whether you’re covering a five-star hotel with credit card points, you don’t mind sharing a bunk bed in a hostel, or you’re staying with a friend for free). What I’ve focused on instead are the expenses you might not have considered yet. People often underestimate the smaller expenses (such as parking fees, souvenirs, meals, and tips) that kick in once you’re there. And those things, which you might not plan as meticulously, can add up.

Our four-day day itinerary runs from Tuesday through Friday, as some of San Francisco’s best events happen only once a week. But you can make this itinerary work for you just about any day or time of the year. It doesn’t include the unavoidably expensive tourist attractions (Alcatraz is great but tickets for an adult start at around $40).

If this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, spending more than $100 may make sense too. Although this itinerary is detailed, you may want to treat it as more of a guideline, mixing some of our recommendations with a fancy dinner or tour. You’ll still save money for some of your trip, which is the goal.

Source: NY Times – Wirecutter
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