How to Wash a Comforter

How to Wash a Comforter

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But you can wash your comforter yourself, and you don’t need to do it very often. Down expert Jack Sukalac, owner of All About Down, told us he recommends washing a comforter every three to five years, depending on how dirty or deflated it is. And he gave us some tips for maintaining a comforter between cleanings.

For our comforters guide, we’ve tested those with down, down alternative, and wool fills. Our strategy here for cleaning and maintaining a down comforter will also work for down-alternative comforters. But the wool comforters we’ve seen are not meant to go in a washing machine and should be spot-cleaned only.

We strongly recommend using a duvet cover, too, to protect your fluffy investment. Duvet is just another word for a comforter (used mostly in Europe), so a duvet cover is the removable outer layer you can throw in the wash whenever you want (they’re usually made from the same fabric as sheets, so you should wash them the same way). Why it’s never called a comforter cover, we do not know.

If you’re uncomfortable cleaning your comforter yourself, consider using a specialty cleaning service like the one Sukalac operates; this will keep it in top shape for years and years. He strongly advises against dry-cleaning your comforter, though, and we agree—dry-cleaning chemicals can ruin down.

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