Is it Worth Waiting for Cyber Monday Deals?

Is it Worth Waiting for Cyber Monday Deals?

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It’s Black Friday and here you are, restlessly scanning the internet for the greatest deals, quite possibly still in your pajamas (oh, right, you also wanted to find a great deal on pajamas!), worried you’re not locating the very best deals on the very best stuff, when suddenly your inner extreme shopper pipes up with a question: What if the even-better deals are actually still to come on Cyber Monday? Are Cyber Monday deals actually better than Black Friday deals?

Does this scenario sound familiar? Is this what is actually happening to you right now? If so, take a breath, sneak a forkful of leftover pie, and relax while we explain why you don’t need to freak out about comparing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Searching for Cyber Monday Deals

For starters, if you’re using Wirecutter to source deals (and why wouldn’t you be?), you can feel confident that you’re already seeing only the best-of-the-best price drops. As of Black Friday, the Wirecutter staff has scanned nearly 33,000 deals, but only about 300 of them have passed our stringent vetting and made it onto the Wirecutter Deals page. (Our Black Friday hub also rounds up the best deals for you from an array of reliable retailers and in a variety of categories.) And no matter what day of the year it is, we only write and post about products that we’ve personally tested through super-rigorous standards—which means you really are getting the best prices on the products that we believe are the best for most people.

Are Cyber Monday deals better than Black Friday deals?

When it comes to Black Friday deals, here’s our advice: If you see a deal now on something you need or want, Wirecutter recommends that you buy it now for two reasons: 1) This has been a particularly strange year for supply chains, with the coronavirus pandemic causing shipping delays and stock shortages, so there’s no guarantee that any merchandise discounted for Black Friday will still be around to buy once Cyber Monday arrives. 2) We believe that, at best, you’re probably only going to save a couple bucks more on a Cyber Monday deal compared to a Black Friday deal—an additional savings that, again, may not be worth the worry if an item disappears between now and then.

So ask yourself:

1. Do you need it now? If yes, go to the next question. If no, please stop here and walk away from the computer. You’re better off with pie.

2. Is the Black Friday price within your budget? If yes, go to the next question. If no, please stop here and watch Home Alone for the fiftieth time.

3. Will you be OK if you see it on Cyber Monday for a tiny bit less? If yes, add to cart. If no, you can keep searching, but come to terms with the fact that the product might sell out (boo) and/or stay at the same or similar discounted price until Monday (yay).

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