Jacob Blake shooting: second fatality confirmed in Kenosha after overnight protests – US politics live | US news

David Beth, the county sheriff, said people describing themselves as belonging to a militia had been patrolling Kenosha’s streets in recent nights but he did not know if the shooter was involved with such a group. “They’re a militia,” Beth told reporters. “They’re like a vigilante group.”

Video posted on social media showed chaotic scenes as gunfire rang out, scattering people in the street. One of the victims, a young shirtless white man with a red bandana around his neck, was seen receiving first aid in a car park after apparently being shot in the head.

In an other image, a man sits on the ground with his arm almost severed by a gunshot wound.

The third night of protests against against the police shooting of Blake, who was hit at almost point-blank range multiple times in the back, had attracted supporters of Black Lives Matter and armed rival protesters who had gathered near a petrol station.

Images of the rival group showed heavily armed white men, some wearing body armour.

According to witness reports, the two groups had increasingly come into conflict as the night wore on, and police fired teargas and rubber bullets at demonstrators near Kenosha’s court house.

Beth said the initial investigation into the shooting was focused on the group of men with guns outside the petrol station.

Source: The Guardian

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