NSW Covid hotspots: list of Sydney and regional case locations | Australia news

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New South Wales health authorities have released a list of hotspots where Covid-positive people have visited while infectious.

Those who attended some locations must isolate immediately for 14 days, others must monitor for symptoms.

Here’s an overview of the state’s current hotspots and what to do if you’ve visited them. More detailed information is available at the NSW Health website.

List of case locations in NSW

Hotel staff who worked on the following shifts are asked to get tested and self-isolate until updated advice is received from NSW Health:

  • Ibis Hotel Darling Harbour, Friday 27 November 2020

  • Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour, Saturday 28-Monday 30 November 2020.

Passengers on the following public transport services are considered casual contacts and are asked to get tested immediately and self-isolate, until further advised by NSW Health:

Light Rail:

  • Friday 27 November Convention to Central, 4:01pm – 4.11pm

  • Saturday 28 November Convention to Central, 3:14pm – 3.29pm

  • Sunday 29 November Convention to Capitol Square, 3:58pm – 4.09pm

  • Sunday 29 November Capitol Square to Central, 4.55pm – 5.03pm

  • Monday 30 November Central to Convention, 06:39am – 6.54am

  • Monday 30 November Convention to Central, 3.10pm – 3.26pm


  • Friday 27 November Minto to Lidcombe, 04:55am – 5:52am

  • Friday 27 November Central to Lidcombe, 4.12pm – 4.49pm

  • Saturday 28 November Central to Lidcombe, 3.31pm – 4.32pm

  • Sunday 29 November Central to Lidcombe, 5.05pm – 5.44pm

  • Monday 30 November Lidcombe to Central, 06:14am – 06:37am

  • Monday 30 November Central to Minto, 3.28pm – 4.20pm

Coronavirus NSW case numbers
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