NSW-Victoria border reopens; Victoria drops mandatory outdoor mask rule – live news

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Restrictions on indoor gatherings are relaxed in Victoria as South Australia’s opposition calls for end to hotel quarantine. Follow the latest updates

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9.05pm GMT

Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon has backed the sentiment behind a speech to be delivered today by party colleague, Queensland senator Murray Watt, which indicates plans to “reset the party’s approach to coal and gas”.

Watt, the opposition minister for northern Australia, will say the ALP “treasures” every job created in the mining sector at a speech to be delivered in Rockhampton today, The Australian reports.

Federal MPs @Barnaby_Joyce and @FitzHunter talk about when international travel could resume and the Labor party’s position on mining and agriculture. pic.twitter.com/nuxjsmFgPs

“No doubt he wants to put labour back into the Labour Party. And today he speaks to our traditional base, all those people in the hi-vis and blue collar outfits, working hard every day in Queensland.

All they want for us is to give credit to them for what they do, the contribution they make to our economy and community. And we want to encourage them to be proud of what they do as they should be.

We need to be… very loud and clear in our expressions of support for those industries, and those who work within them.

The Labor Party always supported the coal mining industry, it always supported the gas sector, the oil sector, etc our manufacturers, but for some reason we haven’t been that keen to say that loudly and proudly. And if that’s what we’re about to start doing well, I’ll be very very pleased.”

8.32pm GMT

Good morning, Elias Visontay here to take you through all the day’s news in Australia.

In news this morning, election data shows the majority of Australian voters are in favour of pill testing, with 63% agreeing it should be allowed at music festivals, and 33% of those strongly agreeing. The long-running study shows strong public support for a drug harm minimisation strategy largely shunned by governments across the country, despite high-profile cases of deaths.

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