A close look at the black and gray stripped fabric on the lamp's cord.

Our Favorite Bedside Lamps Under $200

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The term “bedroom lighting” is a meaningless and generic catchall for an assortment of lighting styles. In reality, you could use a floor lamp or a desk lamp to read in bed (and many people do). We focused on shades and on lamps’ specific tasks, as well as on space-saving designs for setting a lamp on or near a nightstand. Our picks include a wall-mounted lamp, a contemporary shaded lamp, a sturdy tripod design, a futuristic desk lamp, a tiny statement piece, a delicate shaded lamp, and a modern, banker-style desk lamp. For the most soothing lighting, we recommend pairing nearly all of our picks with a soft white bulb, such as our favorite LED bulb, the Cree 60 W Equivalent Soft White.

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Source: The NY Times
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