Save on Stasher Bags, the Sustainable Solution to Single Use Baggies, With This Deal

Save on Stasher Bags, the Sustainable Solution to Single Use Baggies, With This Deal

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My name is Rose, and I used to hand-wash plastic sandwich bags.

The sordid details of my deranged ritual are nothing you need to know. Suffice it to say that what I did to pinch pennies and to repent for the environmentally inconsiderate ways of the modern world cost me way too many precious Saturday-morning hours that could’ve been spent, I don’t know, birding or hand-writing letters to my friends telling them how much they mean to me. I’m not here to relive those dark times. I’m here to tell you that there is a better way to free yourself from the tyranny of cheap baggies, from the crippling guilt over single-use plastics, the worry over whether a re-used sandwich bag’s seal will give out at the most inopportune time, and the dread when it does fail you and now you’ve got a food-splattered floor to clean up.

My name is Rose, and I am in love with my Stasher bags.

Stashers are reusable (as in, meant to be reusable) storage bags made from silicone that can go from your fridge to your freezer to your microwave to your pot of boiling water to your 400-degree oven to your dishwasher and back again. They’re available in a variety of sizes and colors—oh, the colors! Such aesthetically pleasing, happiness-inducing pastel hues! (They also come in neon, if that’s more your thing.) And right now, they’re also on sale: Both the neon and pastel multi-packs, which include four different Stasher sizes, are down to $41 from Stasher direct, including shipping. Though not the best deal we’ve ever seen, I’m contemplating it nonetheless.

In our guide to the best reusable produce bags, guide writer Anna Perling praised Stashers as slim and space-saving, yet durable, and I wholeheartedly concur. Whereas my Tupperware cabinet torments me with its calamitous array of mismatched containers and lids, my Stasher drawer (it’s actually about a third of a drawer, with each Stasher folded in half) is a place of easy access and blissful calm. As for durable? I got my first one about two years ago, there’s nary a nick or scratch on it, and its seal (which I find really satisfying to open and close in a tactile way) is so dependable, I’d let it do my taxes.

I use my smallest Stashers (about half the size of a sandwich bag) to store fresh herbs, lemon wedges, sausages, and fancy cheese, as well as to pack on-the-go snacks. Though I mainly use my sandwich-sized Stashers for leftovers—or, more adventurously, for marinating one or two chicken breasts or fish filets—I was pleased to discover when I have used them for sandwiches that the bag is slightly wider at the top, which makes it super easy to get the sandwich in and out.

As an early Christmas present to me, I asked my husband to splash out over Black Friday on three of the larger Stashers, which cost roughly $15 per bag after various discounts and special offers. (Keep in mind that we purchased these a la carte at Bed Bath and Beyond; it’s definitely more economical to buy the brand’s bundles and starter kits—such as this five-pack that’s also currently 30% off.) Our selection included one Stasher with a stand-up bottom, which easily holds our weekly, four-pound roast chicken, both before we cook it and after we eat it, returning what’s left of the bird back to the same bag for making chicken noodle soup. I clean that Stasher and all my Stashers by standing them upside-down in the top rack of my dishwasher, and I have never encountered any oily residue or unpleasant odor.

Speaking of splashing out on Stashers, I realize that’s the rub: They’re not cheap. Over the past couple of years, my plan has been to slowly accrue them when they’re on sale, and, as mentioned above, to request them as gifts. When will I know when I have enough Stashers? I… don’t know. What’s the harm in acquiring a few more than I need when feeling good about purchasing well-designed, well-intentioned products is what I want? What is the limit on joy?

My name is Rose, and I am about to go buy more Stasher bags.

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Source: The NY Times
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