The Best Amazon Prime Day TV Deals 2020

The Best Amazon Prime Day TV Deals 2020

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Fall is typically the time of year when you can find some of the best TV deals, and with Amazon Prime Day upon us, we expect lots of good deals. Most people will be looking for smart LCD TVs, as they offer the best balance of picture quality and price. We’ve been reviewing the best LCD TVs and budget 4K TVs all year, and we have recommendations from brands such as Samsung, Sony, TCL, and Vizio. If instead you want the best-looking TV, consider an OLED TV. OLED technology can produce the best blacks on screen, as well as excellent HDR images.

As with any TV shopping, when you’re looking for good Prime Day deals, it’s important to make sure the on-sale model you’re interested in is actually a good deal, not another model that may seem to come close but doesn’t actually perform as well as our picks.

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