The Best Anti-Fog for Glasses and a Mask

The Best Anti-Fog for Glasses and a Mask

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The most effective way to reduce fogging on glasses or goggles while you’re wearing a face mask is to improve the seal between the top of the mask and your skin. Masks with adjustable nose-bridge wires are useful for this purpose, though even masks with the sturdiest wires can still let air escape at the top of the mask, which can fog up your lenses. Surgeons have long taped the tops of their masks to their faces to seal them off completely, preventing fogging. Surgical tape, also known as paper tape, or adhesive bandages can work well for this purpose.

If you’ve bought a well-fitting, wired face mask but you’re still experience fogging, and if taping your mask to your face seems impractical, you may find the Defog It drops worth a try. Know, though, that while this formula was our testers’ favorite overall, individual results were mixed (and reflective of the many one- or five-star customer reviews for anti-fog sprays and drops).

Optometrist Dr. Andrew Williams of Vea Eye Health Professionals in Atlanta said that since the start of the pandemic he has fitted a number of patients, who are fed up with foggy glasses and poorly performing anti-fog agents, for contact lenses. Some plan to return to wearing glasses once face masks are no longer necessary. “I’ve had actually quite a few patients come in who’ve requested contacts to try to just wait it out,” Williams said.

Ultra Clarity Defog It Anti-Fog Kit

Ultra Clarity Defog It Anti-Fog Kit

May reduce fog, may introduce streaks

These anti-fog drops are more expensive per milliliter than others we considered, but they performed adequately most often in our testing, with the fewest tester complaints of lens streaking. They’re currently available only in a kit that includes a microfiber cloth, which is great if you need one and less appealing if you don’t.

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One tester, who used Defog It drops as they went about their day wearing glasses and a mask indoors and out during a period of mercurial weather shifts in Buffalo, New York, found that the drops lessened—though did not eliminate—glasses fogging. “But it left huge streaks on the lenses that I couldn’t buff out without removing the whole [application], and it makes light reflect weird on my lenses,” they said.

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