The Best Bike Basket

The Best Bike Panniers

You’ll need a rack to hang your pannier on—if your bike doesn’t already have one, check out our guide to rear bike racks. And if you’re just learning about panniers and carrying stuff on your bike in general, check out the How we picked and tested section for a brief intro to the topic.

Due to the coronavirus situation, the pannier we recommend for hauling groceries, the Banjo Brothers Grocery Pannier, is out of stock.

Because of the increased demand, we are sharing an alternate option that we haven’t tested, but is from the same company and is, they say, the same design made with a different fabric.

The Minnehaha Series Canvas Grocery Pannier costs $60—$13 more than Banjo Brothers’ regular grocery pannier. The body of the bag is made out of waxed canvas instead of nylon, but otherwise should have the same folding steel frame, shoulder-carry strap, and handles we liked in its sibling.

Source: NY Times – Wirecutter

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