The Best Car-Camping Gear for Wheelchair Users

The Best Car-Camping Gear for Wheelchair Users

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It is somewhat surprising that with approximately 8.7 million Americans using a mobility device such as a wheelchair, walker, or cane in their daily lives, no single online store or brick-and-mortar outlet serves as a hub for adaptive outdoor recreation equipment. Sportaid comes close, but is by no means comprehensive. That said, you can find a number of products at traditional outdoor shops and medical-supply companies that enhance a wheelchair user’s camping experience and facilitate independence.

For the sake of clarity, “wheelchair user” is used in this guide to encompass a diverse population, including: people with paraplegia or quadriplegia; people with neuromuscular disorders or congenital disorders; and amputees. Recognizing that each of these groups has its own unique set of needs, this guide focuses on general, customizable tips for a successful overnight jaunt. Whether you’re new to camping or just getting back into the activity after an injury or medical diagnosis, consider this a starting point for assembling your car-camping quiver. And a special note: We’d love—even more than usual—to hear your thoughts on this guide. Is it useful? Did we get anything especially wrong or right? What else would you like to see when it comes to adaptive outdoor products? Leave us a comment in the discussion section below (or if you’d prefer, we’ll happily take any feedback or tweets as well).


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