The Best Game Consoles

The Best Game Consoles

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The next generation of the Xbox and PlayStation will be here in November 2020, and if you aren’t already excited for a particular one, it’s a complicated time to decide what to buy. But it’s also the point when you can get the most value from whatever you choose—whether that’s a used, last-generation console with hundreds of games for cheap, or a brand new console that has many years of support and new releases to look forward to, and plays many of your old games as well.

The clearest decision right now is for anyone drawn to the Nintendo Switch—it’s a nice console with fun games and few downsides. Among Wirecutter staff, there are casual Switch players that haven’t owned another video game system in ages (or ever), and even folks with every console and a PC that still love playing the Switch. You can read more highlights about the Switch, and why it appeals to so many people, in the section below.

If you’re shopping for a console to gift to someone else and know that they want an Xbox or Playstation, we’d recommend sticking with whatever brand of console they last had (and saving the receipt). Sticking with one brand will generally mean they can still play the games they already have, and connect with the same friends online. It also means they’ll be able to play the sequels to any platform-exclusive games they already love. A warning though: the new PS5 and Xbox Series X and S will likely be in short supply through the holiday season. If you see one available without price-gouging, be ready to jump on it.

The coronavirus pandemic and its associated quarantines and social restrictions have also caused a lot of people to look toward video games as alternatives to activities that are just harder to do right now. If that’s you, don’t feel like you need to jump on the latest and greatest. With new consoles launching, you can pick up a used or refurbished Xbox One and PS4 and get an incredible value—we’d look for prices around $200—plus access to hundreds of great games from the last 7 years already available for cheap.

For everyone else ready to jump into the next generation with the Xbox Series X and Series S, or the PlayStation 5, we’re testing early access hardware right now and will have hands-on impressions soon. In the meantime, you can compare the highlights of the two platforms below.

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