The Best Gear for Your Bug-Out Bag

The Best Gear for Your Bug-Out Bag

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This guide is focused on gear to bring during evacuation to a shelter or other secure location, whether on foot or by car—as you might do in the event of an approaching hurricane or forest fire. As such, we focused on things that could be more easily carried in a backpack, emphasizing lightness and portability wherever possible. For sheltering in place, we have a separate guide to the best emergency preparedness supplies to help you manage at home for a period of time following a disaster that knocks out utility services or cuts off outside resources to your area. You could also keep most of those supplies in a storage bin and load that into a vehicle, but we didn’t choose those items specifically to be easy to transport, as we did the ones here.

Whether it makes more sense for you and your family to prepare to shelter in place or to be ready to evacuate with key supplies on hand—or both—depends on many factors. But we hope both of our guides will help you be prepared with reliable and versatile tools that can help you manage whatever emergency you may face.

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