The Best Lego Sets for Kids

The Best Lego Sets for Kids

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After interviewing three Lego experts, considering dozens of top-selling Lego sets, and testing seven sets with more than 50 kids ages 3 to 12, we learned that there’s no single Lego set that every kid will love. Instead, our research and testing led us to conclude that for total beginners, it’s best to start with a small, themed set that can capitalize on a kid’s existing interests (whether that’s a character from a movie or a favorite vehicle) while giving them the structure and instructions to see a Lego project through. Once kids have developed some skill and interest in building with Legos, they’ll probably be ready for bigger, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sets of mixed bricks that give them the tools to head off toward the horizons of their imaginations.

The good news is that any Lego set you pick will be of high quality and could be entertaining to the right kid. In this guide, we’re highlighting a few we like from a range of themes, including recent movies, shows, and games; there are classics we’ve most certainly passed over, but you shouldn’t count that as a ding against those sets. We focused on Lego sets that would appeal to and be appropriate for kids between about 5 and 12. For younger kids, chunkier Duplo blocks are a great place to start; older kids can tackle general-audience sets such as the intricate skylines from Lego’s Architecture series. Of course, age ranges are approximate and every kid is different. You can read more about how we chose and evaluated these sets in How we picked and tested.

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