The Best Notebooks and Notepads

The Best Notebooks and Notepads

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It’s impossible to pick out just one notebook for everybody, because everyone has different preferences when it comes to size, cover material, page ruling, paper feel, and all the other little characteristics that make one notebook stand out from another. Different types of notebooks may serve different purposes, too.

So we offer you an array of great notebooks from $2 to $20: softcover notebooks with silky-smooth paper and more grippy, “toothier” paper; a hardcover notebook with all the bells and whistles; a great Moleskine alternative; a spiral-bound notebook suitable for students; reporter-style notebooks in small and traditional sizes; a budget-friendly pocket-size notebook and a stylish, rugged pocket notebook; a steno-style spiral notebook that works on anyone’s desk; and a disc-bound notebook with pages you can rearrange. You can read how we made our picks and tested them if you’d like more detail on what we were looking for or why your favorite didn’t make this list.

A few paper terms you’ll see throughout the guide:

  • Feathering refers to ink bleeding from the edges of letters, versus crisp lettering.
  • Ghosting refers to pen ink being visible on the other side of the paper.
  • Bleeding refers to ink actually coming through to the other side of the paper or even the next sheet.
  • Tooth or toothy refers to the texture of the paper or how the surface of the paper feels. The more tooth a paper has, the rougher it is; generally, toothy paper is great for pencils because charcoal adheres better to paper that isn’t super smooth.

We mention price per page when it’s notable, but our picks average 7¢ per page (at this writing). We also mention paper weight or thickness when that spec is important, but most of these high-quality pages are 80 to 90 gsm (grams per square meter); thicker isn’t always better, but all of the paper in our picks felt substantial and satisfying for us to write on. And most of the notebooks we tested had 7 mm lined ruling (close to college rule), but we note the exceptions below.

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