The Best Ring Lights

The Best Ring Lights

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If you’re a streamer, a vlogger, or someone who’s on video calls a lot for work, good lighting is essential. Without it, you can look grainy, out of focus, or even shadowy—like an anonymous witness in a true-crime show. A ring light is a simple tool whose diffuse glow can bring you out of the dark and make you look more professional. After testing eight of the most popular ring lights across a variety of sizes, we’ve found that the Neewer 14-Inch LED Ring Light (RL-14) is the best option for most people: You can use it while you’re sitting or standing, it offers a wide range of color temperatures (from very warm to very cool), and it comes with a remote so you can control the light from afar. No other ring light we researched or tested was as easy to use, versatile, and feature-rich.

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