The Best Stationery Deals for People Who Still Love Pen and Paper

The Best Stationery Deals for People Who Still Love Pen and Paper

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Call me old-fashioned, but I’d choose pen and paper over a keyboard and Word document any day. Sure, computers and tablets are efficient, and can make writing anything from a grocery list to the next great American novel easier—but do they give you the same sense of satisfaction as a smooth-gliding ballpoint pen on notebook paper?

Physically jotting down my thoughts, creating lists, and even straight-up doodling gives me a calming sense of clarity that no screen ever could. I know I’m not alone: Author Martha McPhee has written for Wirecutter about why she still carries a notebook everywhere, and contributing writer Dorie Chevlen finds that touching pen to paper at the end of a long day helps her sleep better.

If you’ve also felt the siren song of fancy pens, I have great news for you: Amazon is offering $10 off for every $25 spent on select office supplies, which seemingly includes every highlighter shade under the sun. From sleek ballpoint pens to Sharpies in every color, this is your chance to stock up on some of Wirecutter’s favorite stationery supplies. To take advantage of the promotion, which ends on April 29 at midnight, you need to spend at least $25, whether you load your cart with a few different picks to meet the minimum or go whole hog on a 36-pack of Expo markers.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items to choose from, the most natural place for any handwriting fan to start is with the perfect ballpoint pen. The Uni-ball Jetstream, our top pick, delivers a writing experience so smooth and satisfying that even Wirecutter staffers think this deal is too good to pass up. The discount knocks the price of a 12-pack down to $16—a steal for some of the best ballpoints out there.

“I love writing letters. It’s introspective and intimate, and flexes creative muscles in a way that texts and emails can’t quite replicate,” says Deals writer Jordan Thomas. “And as a lefty, finding the right pen is paramount. It’s the difference between ink-smeared paper and a letter that would make Jane Austen proud. I’ve used other Jetstreams before with great results, so I’m eager to restock and get back to writing!”

Teachers who often find themselves fighting to get ahold of fresh Expo markers can also reap the benefits of this promotion by picking up a new pack to keep all to themselves. “When I used to work in education, Expo dry-erase markers were prized by teachers and hoarded,” says Deals editor Nathan Burrow. “Teachers who abused the existing classroom dry-erase markers or failed to re-cap were excoriated. Devotees carried their own. There was a lot of zeal for these markers.”

But obsessive stationery collectors aren’t the only ones who might want to jump on this sale. You don’t need to fill your cart with packs of multicolored markers or fancy mechanical pencils—at the very least, you can use this opportunity to make sure you have more than just that one dried-out Bic pen rolling around in your desk drawer.

So whether you’re looking to restock your home office with fresh pens or add more color to your journal entries, there’s never been a more cost-effective time to do it. And if your stationery addiction is nearly as crippling as mine, don’t worry—I already bought two packs of Paper Mate Felt-Tip Pens, so you’re in good company.

Source: NY Times – Wirecutter
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