The Best Tech and Apps for Your Home Office

The Best Tech and Apps for Your Home Office

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To round out our work-optimized list of computer, phone, printing, and audio gear, we looked for the best software and apps that help remote workers get organized and connected. We tested apps for time tracking and task management, tax filing, and Web meetings, and then compared and debated the merits of each to find the best fits for most people.

Once we had our picks, we set them up on our ideal standing desk, took some photos, and then, inspired by the challenge, fixed up our own home offices, as did many other Wirecutter staffers and contributors. As our picks change, we’re updating our own home-office setups and swapping out our recommendations below. We hope this guide provides you with your own spark to make your home office a more efficient and less stressful place to get things done.

Need a better place to put all of your stuff? Get your office furnished and outfitted with our guide to the best home-office furniture and supplies.

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