The Best Tools and Toolbox

The Best Tools and Toolbox

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These tools are best for people who have already started dabbling with home improvement and want to up their game. Compared to the lower quality implements in the basic tool kit we recommend for total beginners, the tools on this list offer better features, more capability, a higher degree of comfort, and pro-level durability. These are reliable tools that can take a lifetime of abuse—and if they’re treated well, they could even last beyond your lifetime. This quality doesn’t come cheap; purchasing our entire kit at once costs roughly $500. But you don’t need to get all these tools at once. Most tool collections grow slowly over months and years, so we’ve loosely organized the list in descending order of importance. We’re starting with the most essential tools and finishing with the more task-specific tools you might want once you’ve got the basics covered and are ready to expand your capabilities.

Source: NY Times – Wirecutter
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