The Best TV Deals for Every Budget

The Best TV Deals for Every Budget

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Somehow, it’s already the middle of January. With the holidays firmly in the rearview mirror and February quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the best part of winter: staying in and watching good television. Whether you’re prepping for the Super Bowl, making plans for your Oscars viewing party, or looking forward to spending time buried underneath blankets while binging your favorite shows, one thing’s for certain: You’ll need a great TV.

Though a high-quality TV can be pricey, the Wirecutter Deals team has spent hours sourcing deals on the best televisions that can fit within any budget. Because no one should have to settle for a mediocre viewing experience, here are the best deals we’ve found on Wirecutter-approved picks.

An affordable TV with great picture quality

TCL 5 Series 55S525 4K TV
Photo: Chris Heinonen

TCL 5-Series 55S525 (55-inch)
Street price: $380. Deal price: $281 with code TCLDOLBY15.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable TV but aren’t willing to sacrifice picture quality, the TCL 5-Series is an excellent choice. Now down to $281 with coupon code TCLDOLBY15, this budget-friendly TV comes with easy-to-use streaming features (thanks to the built-in Roku service) and is great for gaming. The TCL 5-Series also produces rich color, which is something you don’t usually see with most inexpensive televisions. The deal price matches the previous low we’ve seen for this TV, making now a great time to bite.

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A high-quality TV with middle-of-the-road pricing

TCL 5 Series 55S525 4K TV
Photo: Chris Heinonen

TCL 6-Series 55R625 (55-inch)
Street price: $600. Deal price: $468 with code TCLDOLBY15.

TCL 6-Series 65R625 (65-inch)
Street price: $800. Deal price: $595 with code TCLDOLBY15.

When you’re hosting a Super Bowl Sunday party, you need three things: great food, better drinks, and a truly excellent TV. Though it can’t whip up some buffalo chicken dip or mix a good cocktail, the TCL 6-Series, currently on sale at Best Buy when you use the code TCLDOLBY15, does provide a superb viewing experience. As our upgrade pick, the TCL 6-Series offered the best image quality of any of the budget TVs we tested. Much like the 5-Series, the 6-Series has an integrated Roku interface, which makes streaming a breeze. But as an upgrade to the 5-Series, this TV offers better color display, with a picture so vibrant and bright that it blew the competition out of the water. At $468 for the 55-inch and $595 for the 65-inch, these prices are a good opportunity to save on a higher-end TV.

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A great deal on pricier picks

Sony X950G 65-inch 4K TV
Photo: Sarah Kobos

Sony X950G (65-inch)
Street price: $1,550. Deal price: $1,400.

Sony X950G (75-Inch)
Street price: $2,500. Deal price: $2,000.

If you spend a lot of time watching movies and streaming TV shows with your family, you’ve probably been thinking about investing in your home entertainment center. The Sony X950G is a great choice: It stood out during testing for its excellent image quality. As our top pick for the best LCD/LED TV, the Sony X950G offers great video processing that makes streamed content look better, a wider color gamut that lets you see richer colors, and features that are good for gaming. This model from Sony rarely sees discounts, making now a great chance to save on both the bigger 75-inch and slightly smaller 65-inch models.

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