The rise of the 'chumocracy'

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Investigations into how lucrative Covid-related government contracts were awarded have raised serious questions about cronyism. The Guardian’s Felicity Lawrence and David Pegg investigate

A recent investigation by the Guardian’s special correspondent Felicity Lawrence found that a man with connections to the UK health secretary, Matt Hancock, and no previous experience in medical supplies has for about six months been manufacturing tens of millions of plastic vials for Covid test kits. It is one of many stories that have been raising questions about how government money has been spent in the pandemic response.

The investigative reporter David Pegg tells Anushka Asthana that there is a growing row over government contracts being given to Conservative-linked firms. The so-called “chumocracy” has also seen plum government appointments being handed to figures with links to senior Tories despite apparently lacking experience for the roles.

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