‘The very best of us’: nation pays tribute to Cpt Sir Tom Moore | UK news

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Tributes have flooded in from across the country – from both prominent figures and the public – after Cpt Sir Tom Moore died in hospital at 100 having testing positive for coronavirus.

Boris Johnson: “Cpt Sir Tom Moore was a hero in the truest sense of the word. In the dark days of the second world war he fought for freedom and in the face of this country’s deepest postwar crisis he united us all, he cheered us all up, and he embodied the triumph of the human spirit.

“It is quite astonishing that at the age of 100 he raised more than £32m for the NHS, and so gave countless others their own chance to thank the extraordinary men and women who have protected us through the pandemic. He became not just a national inspiration but a beacon of hope for the world.”

Matt Hancock, the health secretary: “I’m so sorry to hear that Cpt Tom has passed away in hospital. He was a great British hero that showed the best of our country and I send my best wishes to his family at this time.”

Tributes and messages outside Cpt Sir Tom Moore’s home
Tributes and messages have been left outside Cpt Sir Tom Moore’s home. Photograph: Hollie Adams/Getty Images

Ruth May, chief nursing officer for England: “On behalf of everyone in the NHS, I want to pay tribute to Cpt Sir Tom Moore who has been the model of all that has been good about our country’s response to Covid-19.

“People rightly marvel at the tens of millions of pounds Cpt Sir Tom raised for the NHS, but for me his biggest achievement and most important contribution to helping my fellow nurses, doctors and all those in the NHS responding to coronavirus, has been how he brought the country together and gave us all a boost when we most needed it.”

Keir Starmer, Labour leader: “This is incredibly sad news. Cpt Tom Moore put others first at a time of national crisis and was a beacon of hope for millions. Britain has lost a hero.”

Priti Patel, the home secretary: “An inspiration to millions, not just in the United Kingdom, but around the world. A bright, kind light in the darkest of times. A British hero. I will never forget his undaunted optimism and how it helped us all to keep going. Rest in peace, Cpt Tom Moore.”

Cpt Sir Tom Moore being knighted by the Queen in the grounds of Windsor Castle
Cpt Sir Tom Moore was knighted in July 2020 following his fundraising efforts. Photograph: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Singer Michael Ball, who recorded a No 1 charity single with Moore: “Rest in peace Cpt Tom Moore. A wonderful life so well lived and a hero and fighter to the very end. So very, very sad. Love and prayers for Hannah-I-M and all the family.”

Dylan Jones, editor in chief of GQ: “Not only was Cpt Tom the oldest person ever to grace our cover, he was one of the most gracious. He was a hero, a genuine old-fashioned hero, and I feel blessed that we were in his orbit, albeit for a very brief time.”

The archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby: “Cpt Tom was the very best of us. His courage, compassion, resilience, hope and generosity have been an inspiration to millions – and an example to us all. Where he walked a nation followed. I give thanks to God for such a long life, so well lived. May Cpt Tom rest in peace.”

Spencer Pitfield, CEO of Paces in Sheffield, the charity that 10-year-old ‘Captain Tobias’ – inspired by Moore – raised money for: “I am truly saddened to learn of the passing of Cpt Tom Moore. Sir Tom was an absolute inspiration to us all – a true Yorkshire legend – my thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.”

Susan Henderson, a business support manager from Surrey: “Your light is needed elsewhere Cpt Sir Tom Moore, may you continue to shine bright. Thank you for being an inspiration in such challenging times, you really were our hero.”

Nicholas Ridley, a chartered surveyor from London: “A sad day for his family and for an eternally grateful nation. He will live on in my heart and the hearts of millions of people for sure.”

Emily Guest, from Hertfordshire: “What a wonderful man and he will be forever in our hearts. My daughters are young, but when I tell them of this time I will let them know of the man that raised so much for the NHS and gave us all hope that tomorrow will be a better day. May he rest in peace. Love to his family.”

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