UK coronavirus live: local lockdown confusion ‘completely unsustainable’, says Andy Burnham | Politics

People can, so people will have to use their judgment. But … we’re in an unsustainable position. How can we explain this to the public now? The lockdown, as people call it, was always hard to explain and now there is just no logic for it.

And that’s why we’re saying to the government: talk to us today about an exit strategy from this because, actually, blanket restrictions I don’t believe are as effective as the targeted interventions …

I think they were effective in the early stages, when they were first introduced. But their effectiveness has diminished over the weeks and I think we now need to move to these high-impact, targeted interventions at a community level.

And that means resourcing our 10 council to carry out that kind of work. The government promised that it would release resources from the national test and trace system to local authorities and that hasn’t happened yet. And it needs to happen – particularly with school coming back.

Source: The Guardian

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