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Good morning. Self-isolation for people who have tested positive for coronavirus, or for people who have been in contact with people testing positive, has been an important tool in tackling the pandemic, and will continue to be vital in containing local outbreaks, but it can be very hard for people to comply. Today the government has announced that it is piloting new schemes to help people self-isolate in England, including offering people alternative accommodation.

In its news release summarising the pilots, the Department of Health and Social Care says:

The government is to launch nine trailblazing pilots in England to test new, creative ways to help ensure people stick to self-isolation rules in areas with higher prevalence of infection including from new variants.

In partnership with local authorities, the government is backing the pilots with £12m which will be used for a range of initiatives including providing alternative accommodation for people in overcrowded households, social care support such as increasing existing social care support for vulnerable adults and providing ‘buddying’ services for people whose mental health has been affected by lockdown and the variant outbreaks, and language communications support for individuals where English isn’t their first language. These pilots are designed to encourage people most at risk of catching and transmitting Covid-19 to come forward for testing and to self-isolate successfully if they test positive.

The pilots are taking place in Newham; Yorkshire and Humber; Lancashire (Blackburn & Darwen, and Blackpool); Greater Manchester; Cheshire and Merseyside; Kingston; Hackney; Peterborough, Fenland and South Holland; and Somerset. Different areas are trying a mix of different approaches, and the alternative accommodation plan is being tried in Newham, and in Peterborough, Fenland and South Holland.

James Jamieson, chair of the Local Government Association, said:

Rapidly targeting local outbreaks and supporting people to self-isolate when required is absolutely crucial to our continuing fight against coronavirus.

These pilot schemes will provide further insight into what works best in supporting those who test positive and their contacts to do the right thing to protect themselves, their families and their wider communities.

Here is the agenda for the day.

9am: Liz Truss, the international trade secretary, takes part in an LBC phone-in.

11am: Priti Patel, the home secretary, gives a speech on immigration at a Bright Blue/British Future conference.

12pm: Downing Street is expected to hold its daily lobby briefing.

Politics Live has been a mix of Covid and non-Covid news recently, and that is likely to be the case today. For more Covid coverage, do read our global live blog.

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