UK’s rating of its Covid-19 response lowest of 14 countries in poll | World news

People in Britain have given a worse assessment of their country’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak than the electorates of 13 other leading democracies, according to international research.

Only 46% of the British population believe their country has done a good job handling coronavirus, the Pew Centre has found. By contrast, 71% of people in Sweden think their country has done a good job, and the figures rise to 86% in South Korea, 88% in Germany, 94% in Australia and 95% in Denmark.

In France, which has Europe’s third-highest official death toll after the UK and Italy, 59% think their country has done well.

The only other country rating itself as badly as the UK is the US, where 47% of voters think their country has done a good job. These are the only two in the poll where a majority believe their country has not handled the epidemic well.

Source: The Guardian

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