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Almost a year ago I bought a return flight from the UK to Budapest from Wizz Air, paying £227. In the midst of lockdown, Wizz cancelled the May flight and I applied for a refund. Four months on I am still waiting. I have contacted Wizz Air repeatedly, asking it to reimburse me, but I have made no progress.

It has placed a £190 credit on my account despite my repeated request for a refund instead. The case is complicated by the fact that the credit card that I originally used to buy the flights has since been replaced. Please help, as I’m getting nowhere.

DH, Herts

Wizz has generally been very good at refunding customers whose flights it cancelled, much better than other airlines we could mention. We are aware of several people who were refunded in full by the Hungary-based airline after lockdown cancellations.

We suspect the problem was your new credit card – we have seen a lot of similar cases of refunds going missing for this reason in recent months. This area should be urgently addressed by the banks.

Happily, our call to Wizz HQ got things moving and your refund has been paid to another card.

The discrepancy between what you paid and the amount you have been credited is because you joined the Wizz discount club at the time of booking which, it says, was non-refundable.

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